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vigilance (n.) 1560s, from Middle French vigilance (16c.), from Latin vigilantia “wakefulness, watchfulness, attention,” from vigil “watchful, awake” (from PIE root *weg- “to be strong, be lively”). Related: Vigilancy (1530s). (Source)

collective (n.) As a noun, from 1640s, “a collective noun” (singular in number but signifying an aggregate or assemblage, such as crowd, jury, society). As short for collective farm (in the USSR) it dates from 1925; collective farm itself is first attested 1919 in translations of Lenin. (Source)

Tools for Vigilance

Links And Info For A Critical Populace

Audience-supported, independent news

Civil Liberties

Defending and preserving individual rights and liberties

Open Source Initiative

Promoting awareness of non-proprietary software

Alternative Radio

Audience-supported, public affairs radio archive

Southern Poverty Law Center

Fighting bigotry and seeking justice for the most vulnerable


Increasing free access to higher learning

Extinction Rebellion

Fighting against extinction and social collapse

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Defending civil liberties, privacy, and free expression in the digital age


Digital library of Internet sites and cultural artifacts

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